Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4) – How to Refit Ships

Naval warfare plays a crucial role in Hearts of Iron 4, requiring players to master the seas in order to secure victory in the largest conflict in human history.

However, the mechanics surrounding ships in the game can be quite perplexing due to their differences from land troops and air forces.

Reasons for Ship Refitting

Refitting ships in Hearts of Iron 4 is essential to upgrade them and ensure they are equipped to perform effectively in their roles. Whether it’s upgrading engines or integrating new technology, refitting allows players to enhance their fleet without rendering older ships obsolete.

It’s important to avoid scrapping older vessels and instead focus on refitting them with improved components to maintain their relevance.

While constraints exist in terms of hull limitations, refitting provides a cost-effective solution to keep older ships competitive.

Process of Ship Refitting

Refitting a ship involves modifying its original design to incorporate new components while retaining the base hull structure. Regardless of the age or power level of the new components, as long as the hull remains the same, redesigning is possible.

Upon selecting a ship for refitting, it will be transferred to the Production tab where Naval Dockyards will commence work on implementing the design changes at a reduced cost compared to constructing a new vessel from scratch.

How to Refit Ships in HOI4

To initiate the refitting process in HOI4, select the ship and locate the task force deletion button. Adjacent to it, you’ll find a yellow arrow button with a plus sign. Click on it to access the refit options for the vessel.

Next, choose the new design upgrades for the refit process, and the ship will be queued in the Production tab for the necessary modifications by the Naval Dockyards.

Waiting for the ship to undergo the refitting process will result in a significantly lower cost than constructing a new vessel. Additionally, the arrow button next to the ship’s name allows for easy refitting of existing hulls.

Refitting is limited to ships with the same hull design, enabling players to upgrade older ships to newer, improved versions while maintaining hull consistency.

Players also have the option to refit ships to previous models by selecting the “Show outdated equipment” checkbox to view older models utilizing the same hull structure.

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