New Doja Cat Fortnite emote censors the word “devil”…for some reason

This Week in Fortnite: Censorship Controversy Surrounding Rebellious Emote

Icon emotes in Fortnite are no strangers to censorship, with players accustomed to sacrifices for the sake of gameplay enjoyment. However, Epic Games’ recent decision regarding the Rebellious emote has left many scratching their heads.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

UPDATE: Epic Games has acknowledged that the censorship in the Rebellious emote was a mistake and will be corrected in the near future.

The Rebellious Fortnite emote, part of the Coachella collection, features a dance to the chorus of “Paint The Town Red” by Doja Cat. However, the word “devil” in the lyrics is fully censored, despite the emote’s depiction of the player making devil horns with their fingers.

While censoring explicit language in emotes using real-world songs is common, the decision to censor such a benign word has sparked confusion among fans, especially in a game where demonic imagery and themes are prevalent.

Ironically, the Item Shop features the Burning Beast glider, a fiery demon with horns, and a metal aesthetic, alongside the Jam Track titled “MakeDamnSure.”

As a Doja Cat fan eager to spend V-Bucks, many were disappointed by this unnecessary censorship, with comments on social media reflecting a sense of loss in the emote’s appeal.

Why was “devil” censored in the Rebellious emote?

The decision likely stems from the word’s religious connotations, as seen in previous censorships of religious references. Despite this, the Emote rating remains unchanged as an E for Everyone, allowing its use in any gameplay experience.

The new Jam Track’s rating reflects a 12+ age restriction, ensuring that younger players won’t encounter explicit content in the game.

If this level of censorship is necessary for the inclusion of diverse themes and experiences in Fortnite, players may see a trade-off between content variety and minor emote alterations.

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