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Parasyte: The Grey is now streaming on Netflix

Hitoshi Iwaaki’s Parasyte is best known for its head-morphing monsters and its protagonists, Shinichi Izumi and his parasite Migi. However, the new South Korean-set spin-off, Parasyte: The Grey, takes a different approach with a new cast and original story.

Directed by Yeon Sang-ho, the new protagonist, Jeong Su-in, is a grocery store worker who is attacked and saved by a parasite, leading to a unique dynamic with an alternate personality named “Heidi.”

Unlike the previous adaptations, Parasyte: The Grey introduces new characters and a fresh storyline, deviating from the source material. The monsters are depicted in all their grotesque forms, showcasing impressive visuals and design.

The series quickly delves into how the appearance of parasites reshapes society, introducing elements like media manipulation and religious undertones that reflect South Korea’s history and director Yeon’s thematic interests.

The fast-paced narrative leaves little room for character development, focusing more on action and suspense to drive the plot forward. While the separation between the host and parasite adds an interesting dynamic, it also limits the exploration of deeper themes.

Parasyte: The Grey mainly gets by on its action and suspense.

The series excels in delivering intense action sequences and a complex conflict between various factions, showcasing the intricate dynamics between different groups in a world filled with monsters and intrigue.

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Parasyte: The Grey may have its flaws, but it stays true to the essence of the original source material, reminding viewers of the enduring appeal of captivating monster stories.