What Are You Playing This Weekend? (13th April)

Ollie Reynolds, Staff Writer

Currently immersed in the world of Metroidvanias, I recently started playing Blasphemous 2 and am making my way through it. However, my weekend is packed with plans, including building a new bed, so my gaming time might be limited. We’ll see how it goes!

Jim Norman, Staff Writer

This weekend, I’m preparing for my brother’s visit, and as a tradition, I have set up the Wii U with Nintendo Land for games like ‘Mario Chase’ – a stellar party game by Nintendo that I absolutely adore. Of course, there will also be rounds of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Nintendo Switch Sports because, let’s be civil, right?

If I manage to squeeze in some time, I definitely want to dive deeper into the Pokémon Trading Card Game on NSO. Recently, I’ve found myself hooked on Pokémon cards again, so why not learn the rules before I fully dive back in? Trust me, it’s a fantastic game.

Gonçalo Lopes, Contributor

With a backlog of games waiting for me on the eShop, including Pepper Grinder, I’m hoping to tackle them this weekend. I also want to give Fights in Tight Spaces a try while continuing my conquest in Unicorn Overlord. Despite some unexpected commission tasks, I’ll be dedicating most of my free time to playing, recording, and editing gameplay videos for run ‘n’ gun games for reasons that will become clear later on. Dream jobs do exist!

This week, I’ll be diving into Earth Defense Force 2, Earth Defense Force 3, Earth Defense Force 4.1 on the Nintendo Switch, and Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain on Steam with my Discord friends. Yes, I seem to have a bug problem, but nothing a satellite laser rain can’t fix.

Alana Hagues, Deputy Editor

Surprisingly, I managed to beat Dark Souls – marking two Soulsborne games off my list, including the DLCs. It was a challenging but rewarding experience. Despite its frustrations and some ridiculous bosses (looking at you, Bed of Chaos), the world of Dark Souls is captivating. I plan to continue my journey in the Souls series soon.

However, with work commitments and a pending move, I’ll stick to games like Stardew Valley and possibly join Ollie in playing Blasphemous 2 for now. While I’m tempted to explore games like Botany Manor, Pepper Grinder, and Snufkin, I’ll have to hold off for now. Such is life, right?

That’s our weekend gaming plans, but what about yours? Share your gaming choices for the weekend in the poll below and let us know what games you’re looking forward to playing in the comments.