RKGK Is An Anime Inspired Graffiti Action Platformer Coming This Year

Gearbox Publishing and Wabisabi Games Introduce RKGK at Triple-i Initiative

During the recent Triple-i Initiative event, Gearbox Publishing and Wabisabi Games unveiled their latest project, RKGK. This upcoming action platformer showcases a unique art style that combines elements of anime and graffiti art, set to be released later this year.

RKGK, pronounced as “Rakugaki,” takes place in Cap City, a futuristic metropolis under the control of the oppressive B Corp led by the antagonist Mr. Buff. The game follows the story of Valah, a rebellious graffiti artist who uses her art to revitalize the city and spark a rebellion among its citizens.

Valah navigates the cityscape by grinding on rails with her graffiti paint, performing jumps, dashes, and glides in a stylish manner. Additionally, she is equipped with a drone to explore the surroundings from above. With a focus on high-speed platforming, players can enter Defacer mode by maintaining a smooth flow, which transforms the world into an animated dreamy version. While the gameplay trailer does not reveal much, it showcases Valah using paint to fend off B Corps’ robotic enemies and allows players to create graffiti art using various paint and cosmetic tools. Take a look at the in-game screenshots for a glimpse of RKGK.

RKGK marks Wabisabi Games’ first title and draws inspiration from games like Jet Set Radio and Marc Ecko’s Getting Up. The game is set to launch on PC later this year.