VTuber Horror Game ‘Evil God Korone’ Gets A Surprise Release On Switch eShop

Japanese Hololive VTuber ‘Korone’ Brings Horror to Switch eShop

Japanese Hololive VTuber ‘Korone’ has done all sorts of collabs and crossovers, and with this in mind, the Tsugunohi horror game ‘Evil God Korone’ has now got a surprise release on the Switch eShop.

This title originally launched on Steam back in 2021 and is priced at $4.49 (or the regional equivalent) on the Switch eShop. Below is a bit about it and you can check out the trailer in the video above.

The Collaboration and Game Details

The collaboration game between “Tsugunohi”, a horror game of daily life erosion, and VTuber Inugami Korone of the VTuber group “hololive” is finally coming to Nintendo Switch. A miraculous collaboration work produced as part of VTuber Inugami Korone’s birthday project in October 2021. Inugami Korone appears in the game as a “threat” to the player! Inugami Korone, who has played many horror games in the past, has taken over “Tsugunohi” as an evil god! Now, you too can cut off your “finger” and offer it to her.

“Tsugunohi” series ImCyan has been creating numerous horror titles as an indie game creator. “Tsugunohi” is his most well-known work. “Tsugunohi” series is characterized by its unique horror experience. As you repeatedly “walk to the left” on your usual way home or to your workplace, your daily life will eventually become distorted and a deep sense of dread will envelop you. Please enjoy the horror as your daily life gradually changes into something more disturbing.

Will you be purchasing this surprise Switch eShop release? Have you played Tsugunohi before? Let us know in the comments.

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