Warzone Mobile The Assassin event challenges and rewards

All challenges and rewards in the Assassin event in CoD Warzone Mobile

Now, for this event I want you to understand that there aren’t any challenges. Instead, you’ll have to earn Event Points. These points can be obtained in various ways, but for the Assassins Event, we have to get them in specific ways. The game doesn’t make this easy to get, so let’s go over the actions you can do to accumulate Event Points.

  • 200 EP – Elimination with Assault Rifles in the Battle Royale
  • 50 EP – Per Elimination in the Battle Royale
  • 500 EP – Complete any Scavenger Contract
  • 50 EP – Per Elimination in the multiplayer
  • 50 EP – Using a Buy Station
  • 400 EP – Use a Killstreak
  • 25 EP – Assist another kill in the Battle Royale
Image: Activision

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Rewards for the Assassin Event

The event will have you going back and forth between modes. The first few rewards can easily be earned if you play aggressively. However, the rest of the rewards will require some grind. To help get a better understanding of what Event Points you’ll need for certain rewards, you can find that information below.

  • Soiree With Death Calling Card – 300 EP
  • Bruiser Badge 3x – 1,000 EP
  • Fated to Fall Large Decal – 4,000 EP
  • Bruiser Badge 3x – 20,000 EP
  • In My Sight Emblem – 45,000 EP
  • Bruiser Badge 4x – 68,000 EP
  • Duskfire – Crossbow Weapon Blueprint – 90,000 EP
  • Bruiser Badge 4x 122,000 EP
  • DG-58 LSW Bandit Breath Weapon Blueprint – 150,000 EP
Warzone Mobile Battle Royale
Image: Activision

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