Climb for Victory in Isonzo’s Ascent Game Mode, Available until April 24

Embark on a Hazardous Ascent in Isonzo’s Special Game Mode

Ready to experience the thrill of climbing a mountain during WW1, all while dodging enemy fire? Look no further than the Ascent game mode in our WW1 Italian Front FPS game Isonzo. This exciting mode is now live on Xbox, alongside the introduction of voice chat as part of our recent console enhancements.

The Ascent event is a limited-time mode that introduces climbing mechanics, rock throwing, and a brand new map that faithfully recreates the Marmolada cliffside. Players will take on the role of Italian mountaineers as they scale the treacherous mountain to expel the entrenched Austro-Hungarian defenders – a truly epic undertaking.

Climbing Strategies for the Ascent Mode

Climbing in Ascent is a freeform experience – simply approach the cliff and start your ascent. While you can chart your own path up the mountain, keep in mind that moving horizontally is slower than ascending or descending. Plan your route carefully to avoid unnecessary exposure to enemy fire and rock projectiles.

Remember, teamwork is crucial in Isonzo, even when climbing. As you ascend, place pitons into the rock to create ropes that can assist your teammates in following your path. While hammering in pitons takes time, it can significantly expedite the climb for those behind you. Take calculated risks and trust in your skills to conquer the mountain.

Challenges for Defenders

Defending the mountain poses unique challenges, as shooting down at climbers can expose you to enemy fire from below. Maintaining awareness of your surroundings and the primary objective at the command post is essential for victory. Keep in mind that the intermediate checkpoints along the way are stepping stones, not the ultimate goal.

Isonzo mountainside

Real Life Inspirations for Climbing Mechanics

The Ascent mode draws inspiration from the daring climbs undertaken during WW1 on the Italian Front. Stories of brave soldiers like Ugo Vallepiana and Giuseppe Gaspard, who faced extreme challenges while climbing, serve as the foundation for this thrilling gameplay experience.

Isonzo rock drop

Exciting Updates Await Players

In addition to the thrilling Ascent mode, players can enjoy various updates to the game, including the introduction of voice chat. For those looking to customize their characters further, the Altitude Units Pack DLC offers high-altitude uniforms for Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops, enhancing the visual experience of the game.

Isonzo cliff enemies

Prepare for the Ultimate Battle

The Ascent mode is now playable for free until April 24th. Whether you’re ascending the cliff face or defending the mountain from above, this battle in Isonzo promises an unforgettable experience. Are you ready to face the challenge?

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