How To Stop Being A Hollow In Type Soul

How to Change Your Race in Type Soul

In Type Soul, players have the option to start as a Soul Reaper, Hollow, or Quincy. If you initially chose to be a Hollow but find that the gameplay or power of this race is not to your liking, you can switch to a different race in Type Soul. While abandoning your Hollow status will make you a stronger version of your current race, it also means starting over from scratch.

Understanding Type Soul Mechanics

Type Soul draws heavy inspiration from the popular anime and manga series Bleach. For players unfamiliar with the anime, it can be challenging to understand the in-game mechanics. Luckily, the Type Soul Trello board provides comprehensive information about the game, including how to transition out of being a Hollow if it no longer suits your needs.

Type Soul Stop Being A Hollow
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Transitioning Out of Being a Hollow

If you’ve reached the levels of Adjuchas or Vasto Lorde through your Hollow progression in Type Soul, but now wish to change your race, there are a few options available. Using a Soul Ticket to reset your race or starting a new game with an additional profile (available after a recent update) are the best ways to make the transition. However, if you’ve already advanced to a high enough level to become an Arrancar, you can press Ctrl + K to remove your mask and progress further. Keep in mind that this will solidify your status as a higher form of Hollow, so starting a new profile might be preferable if you wish to play as a different race.

Having personally experienced playing as both a Hollow and Soul Reaper, I found it more straightforward to begin a new profile when I wanted to change my race. This way, you can fully explore the unique abilities and gameplay of each race in Type Soul.

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