International Game Developers Association calls for studio leaders to do more to protect jobs

The IGDA Calls for Action to Protect Game Developer Jobs

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) has issued a call to action for the games industry to take more proactive steps in safeguarding developer jobs and preventing further layoffs.

According to the IGDA, there have been more than 8,700 job losses in the industry this year alone, prompting the organization to emphasize the seriousness of the situation and its far-reaching impact. In a statement, the IGDA urged studio leaders to implement sustainable practices within their organizations to mitigate unnecessary job cuts.

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The IGDA highlighted the valid concerns that developers have regarding the stability of their careers and the industry as a whole. The organization expressed particular worry about talented individuals, especially those from historically marginalized communities, potentially seeking opportunities outside the games industry due to its instability, which could lead to skill gaps and underrepresentation.

To promote a resilient and flourishing industry, the IGDA stressed the importance of studios planning for sustainable growth and retaining talent to prevent both internal job losses and industry-wide repercussions.

For developers affected by recent layoffs, the IGDA has compiled various support resources and is providing free membership and priority mentorship to those impacted by the industry shifts.

The IGDA’s message follows a string of job cuts and studio closures, with over 15,000 layoffs occurring in the past 18 months. The closure of Possibility Space, where founder Jeff Strain attributed the shutdown to confidential leaks by employees, serves as a recent example.

As a response to the turbulent employment landscape, there has been a noticeable trend towards unionization within the industry. Avalanche, the developer behind Just Cause, is among the companies moving towards collective bargaining agreements with Swedish unions to establish standardized frameworks concerning employment rights, salaries, benefits, employee influence, and career development. journalist Chris Dring recently delved into the intricacies of the layoffs in an article for Eurogamer, providing valuable insights into the ongoing challenges faced by developers.