Voice actor Troy Baker may have shot down rumors of GTA 6 involvement, but fans may have uncovered the true identity of the protagonist

Grand Theft Auto 6 Fans Identify Voice Actor for Male Protagonist

Excitement has been building in the Grand Theft Auto 6 community as fans believe they have discovered the voice actor behind the game’s male protagonist, Jason.

Ever since Rockstar Games revealed the official trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 in December, dedicated fans have been scouring the footage for any hidden details or easter eggs.

Speculation has been swirling around the identities of the voice actors for the dual protagonists, Lucia and Jason. Some fans initially theorized that Troy Baker, known for his work in The Last of Us and Far Cry 4, might be voicing Jason. However, Baker himself clarified that he is not involved in GTA 6.

Despite the disappointment of Baker not being the voice behind Jason, fans have continued their investigation and it seems they may have found a lead on the true voice actor.

A screenshot of actor Gregory Connors’ resume circulating on the GTA 6 subreddit has revealed a credit for a “Lead” role in a Rockstar game set to release in 2025.

Rockstar has not officially confirmed the cast list for the game, but fans are intrigued by the potential connection to Connors’ resume.

After the Reddit post gained attention, Connors removed the “Lead” credit from his resume, fueling further speculation that he may indeed be involved in the project.

While Grand Theft Auto 6 is slated for a 2025 release on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, details about a potential PC release remain unknown.