Alienware Pro Wireless Keyboard Review

A Gaming Powerhouse: The Alienware Pro Wireless Keyboard

Alienware has a long-standing reputation for producing top-notch desktops and laptops tailored to gamers, and their latest offering, the Alienware Pro Wireless Keyboard, is no exception. Crafted with competitive esports in mind, this gaming keyboard was developed in collaboration with Team Liquid and underwent extensive testing by over 100 esports athletes, resulting in a product that not only boasts a sleek aesthetic but also delivers on performance.

Aesthetic and Functionality in Harmony

Esports athletes prioritize comfort and adjustability, which was taken into account during the design process of the Pro Wireless Keyboard. Featuring a 75% layout, Alienware focused on keeping the keyboard compact while retaining all essential keys, making it ideal for travel to competitive events. The premium feel of the device is evident from the materials used, including an aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure that strikes a balance between sturdiness and lightweight design.

Alienware’s custom linear mechanical switches, akin to Cherry MX Reds, offer a sturdy yet smooth keypress experience. These durable keys, rated for a lifespan of 100 million keystrokes, provide reliability for long gaming sessions. Additionally, the keyboard’s keys are interchangeable, accommodating various preferences for a personalized experience.

With customizable RGB lighting, the Pro Wireless Keyboard delivers not only visually stunning effects but also top-notch performance. The lighting technology, optimized for brightness and efficiency, illuminates the keys in a vibrant yet gentle manner, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the keyboard.

Seamless Connectivity and Impressive Battery Life

The keyboard’s 2.4GHz wireless connection offers a smooth user experience with a constant 1KHz polling rate, ensuring minimal latency. Remarkably, the device boasts up to 798 hours of battery life with RGB lighting disabled, making it a reliable choice for prolonged gaming sessions. The Bluetooth connection provides over 1,800 hours of battery on a single charge, alongside the convenience of storing multiple Bluetooth connections for seamless switching.

Software Customization and Gaming Performance

While the Pro Wireless Keyboard is functional out of the box, Alienware’s Command Center app allows further customization. Users can adjust RGB settings, create lighting presets, configure keybinds, and update firmware, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

When put to the test in games like Valorant and Destiny 2, the Pro Wireless Keyboard shines with its responsive keys and smooth actuation. The low 40g actuation force ensures seamless movement and effortless gameplay, providing a competitive edge to gamers.