Elden Ring Player Beats The Game With Morse Code

Elden Ring Players Find Unique Ways to Slay Elden Beast

Elden Ring continues to surprise and delight players as they discover new strategies to claim victory as the Elden Lord–including relying on Morse code.

On April 13, Twitch streamer Silithur achieved the impressive feat of defeating the Elden Beast using only Morse code and a single button. Following this remarkable victory, Silithur shared their accomplishment on Twitter. In the translated tweet, Silithur expressed:

“I announce that yesterday we finished Elden Ring with a button, arriving and killing all the Bosses that provide memories. It has been quite an adventure and I had not dared to do another challenge of this caliber for years. Thanks to those who have accompanied me on the trip.

Challenge completed.”

Silithur’s innovative approach to Elden Ring is just one example of the creative methods players have adopted to navigate the game. From defeating Malenia with a dance pad to conquering the game with a Bop-It controller, gamers have showcased their ingenuity in various ways. Some even rely solely on their mind or a saxophone to vanquish the Elden Beast.

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