Grounded’s ‘Fully Yoked’ Update 1.4: A Bigger, Bolder Backyard Awaits!

Grounded Fans, Check Out the “Fully Yoked” Update 1.4!

Exciting news for all Grounded enthusiasts! The backyard is abuzz with anticipation thanks to the arrival of our latest update, “Fully Yoked.” This update is not just big – it’s colossal, packed with a plethora of new content, features, and quality-of-life enhancements. Get ready to transform your backyard into an epic adventure like never before with the wonders that await in this massive update!

New Neighbors: Ant Queens and Your Decisions

Introducing the royal Ant Queens! These majestic creatures bring a fresh vibe to the backyard, emphasizing the importance of decision-making over brute strength. Your interactions with them will shape your journey – ally with them for powerful alliances, betray them to face the consequences, or opt for a mysterious third option. Every choice you make influences your entire experience, so choose wisely as you navigate your relationships with these influential new neighbors.

But that’s not all! Prepare to encounter 12 new Ant Queen-inspired buildings, including regal structures like the Ant Queen Chaises and Chandeliers, setting a new standard in ant architecture. And for those fond of pets, you’ll have the heartwarming opportunity to adopt a baby ant pet, adding a new dimension to your backyard interactions.

Backyard Adventures: Remixed!

Embark on a new level of adventure with the ‘New Game+’ mode, elevating your gameplay experience to greater heights. Enter alternate dimensions with the REMIX.R, where you’ll face remixed challenges, encounter creatures in unexpected locations, confront tougher bosses, and unearth hidden secrets. Test your skills against creatures infused with Raw Science, enhancing their strength and agility, and collect unique trinkets with special properties to aid you in your journey. Don’t miss out on the additional ASL content, randomized Milk Molars, and the essential Yoking Station for that extra power boost in the remixed yards.

Quality of Life: Enhancing Your Experience

Listening to our community, this update introduces quality-of-life improvements to make your backyard adventures more enjoyable. Hosts can now seamlessly switch saves during multiplayer sessions, ensuring a smooth gameplay experience. The ‘Recover Pets’ feature allows you to easily retrieve any lost pets, and builders can optimize performance with the new object capacity meter, streamlining the sharing of world creations.

Furthermore, Playground mode offers enhanced control and customization options for crafting your unique backyard. From reporting rule-violating Playgrounds to discovering new content, these updates are designed to enrich your Grounded experience.

Hulking Content: More Items, More Fun!

The “Fully Yoked” update is jam-packed with over 20 new items and equipment, ranging from the Termite King Pipe Organ to decorative rugs. Challenge yourself with new achievements and the game-changing ‘Antbassador’ mutation, offering a fresh perspective on gameplay. Playgrounds also receive new props, expanding creative possibilities for players.

Final Words on This Epic Content Update

Experience the beefier version of Grounded with the “Fully Yoked” update 1.4, immersing yourself in endless possibilities for backyard escapades. Discover the game’s evolution, including full Japanese VO for all players and expanded platform support. Now, players across different platforms can unite and explore the fully yoked edition of Grounded together.

We extend a massive thank you to our dedicated community for shaping Grounded into an incredible gaming experience. As we wrap up our planned content updates, rest assured that we will continue to refine and enhance your gaming journey, ensuring that you and your friends can stay grounded in the backyard.

Stay safe, and as always – stay Grounded!