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The Patch Is Coming…

We may not know exactly when the patch will arrive, but by this point, discussing the current meta or the best heroes for Ranked play feels a bit outdated. So today, let’s take a different approach. Today, we’re going to shine a light on some fun and perhaps a bit silly interactions to experiment with in casual, unranked pubs.

The Necrophos-Pudge Combo

Necrophos Necrophos has been out of the meta for a while due to the popularity of Revenant’s Brooch, making him a questionable pick. However, there is one interaction that can make him somewhat viable. By combining Necrophos with Pudge, a unique synergy comes to light.

The key lies in Necrophos’s Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade, which transforms his Heartstopper Aura into a powerful DoT effect. When paired with Pudge’s ability to provide regeneration to a teammate inside his belly, Necrophos becomes a tanky frontline hero with potent damage over time capabilities.

This strategy may not be ideal for high-level ranked games, but it can add a fun twist to casual matches.

Unleashing Abilities from Inside Pudge

Did you know that heroes inside Pudge’s belly can utilize certain abilities and items without leaving their safe haven? For example, using items like Shiva’s Guard and Glimmer Cape from inside Pudge can catch opponents off guard.

Experiment with heroes like Juggernaut, Mars, and Pugna to discover even more unique interactions. While these strategies may not be recommended for high-level play, they can inject some excitement into your casual games.

The Shadow Demon-Oracle Combo

Shadow Demon Shadow Demon and Oracle Oracle may not be the most conventional support duo, but their synergy can be surprisingly effective. By combining Demonic Purge with Purifying Flames, these supports can unleash a powerful burst of damage in the midgame.

While these strategies are more about having fun and experimenting, they can add a new dimension to your Dota 2 experience. Share your own creative strategies in the comments below!