Roblox Spongebob Song ID Codes

No matter your age, the love for SpongeBob SquarePants and its iconic songs remains timeless. For those looking to enjoy these tunes in Roblox, there are SpongeBob Roblox IDs available. These codes can be used in your boombox to play the music while you game. Despite the original songs facing copyright issues, fans have created remixes that are still accessible for players to enjoy. Below is a comprehensive list of SpongeBob music codes for you to explore.

Spongebob Roblox IDs Codes List

Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. You can try out these Spongebob songs in Test Music Codes for Roblox.
  • 1846368080
  • 361242478
  • 178516475
  • 6606409554

Whether it’s a trap remix or a phonk version, the above songs offer a variety of SpongeBob theme song remixes to enjoy. Keep in mind that due to copyright issues, some songs may become unavailable if they are taken down.

How to Use Spongebob Roblox IDs

Input the codes into the boombox or radio of Roblox games that support external music codes.

  1. Launch a Roblox game with a Radio feature.
  2. Copy a song from the list above.
  3. Paste or enter the code into the boombox.
  4. Press play to start listening to your chosen song!

You can also test these songs in the “Test Music Codes! (Radio Testing)” mode in Roblox.

That concludes the list of the best Spongebob music Roblox IDs and codes. If you’re a music enthusiast, don’t forget to check out our other curated lists for more tunes to enjoy while gaming.