Inside Out 2 struggled with Riley’s hot dad, the internet’s lust object

Pixar’s Inside Out and the Internet’s Crush on Riley’s Hot Dad

Pixar’s Inside Out left a lasting impact on the animation world, with its poignant portrayal of emotions and a whimsical storyline. However, a particular subset of the internet has been fixated on Riley’s dad, deeming him a “hot daddy.” The conversation surrounding this unexpected crush sparked with a Buzzfeed piece in 2017 and has persisted through tweets, fan edits, and thirst trap posts. People continue to rediscover their attraction to Riley’s dad, whose first name is Bill.

As anticipation builds for the new Inside Out movie, it’s worth revisiting this internet infatuation to speculate on whether Riley’s hot dad will captivate new audiences in Inside Out 2. During a recent visit to Pixar, production designer Jason Deamer acknowledged the online fervor for the character.

“Well, we cannot let them down,” he remarked with a laugh.

Image: Disney/Pixar

The character designers faced challenges when updating Riley’s dad for the new movie due to advancements in Pixar’s animation system. While recreating Riley and her mom posed no issues, the 2024 version of Bill Andersen required some fine-tuning to capture his essence.

“He was weirdly hard to do,” Deamer revealed. “We have his actual face geometry, and it didn’t look like him! All we ended up doing was taking his eyes and making a few adjustments. I swear to God. And then it was like, ‘Oh, there he is!’”

Riley’s dad, a white man with dark hair and a dark mustache, looks annoyed at the dinner table.
Image: Disney/Pixar

The upcoming Inside Out sequel will delve into Riley’s teenage years, showcasing a new cast of emotions like Anxiety and Envy. While Riley’s dad may not feature prominently in the film, fans can expect to see a more defined version of his character, enhanced in high definition.

Inside Out 2 is set to hit theaters on June 14, offering fans a chance to reunite with beloved characters from the original film. Stay tuned for more updates as the release date approaches.