Spy X Family: CODE White Review

A Fresh Take on Anime Movie Follow-Ups

Many anime movie follow-ups often assume that the audience has prior knowledge of the series, creating a high barrier of entry for new viewers. However, Spy X Family: CODE White breaks away from this trend by offering a standalone, enjoyable adventure that can be appreciated even by those unfamiliar with the original series.

Introduction to Spy X Family

Spy X Family is set in a world where two nations, Ostania and Westalis, are on the brink of conflict. The story revolves around a fake nuclear family created by Twilight, a spy from Westalis operating under the alias “Loid Forger.” What makes this family dynamic unique is that Loid’s wife, Yor, is actually a notorious assassin, while their daughter Anya is a telepathic and spirited five-year-old.

CODE White is a demonstration of why Spy X Family’s premise feels so ironclad.

Thrilling Espionage and Humorous Family Dynamics

Spy X Family expertly blends realistic espionage elements with comedic family dynamics, creating a unique and engaging narrative. The film CODE White takes the Forgers on a humorous escapade outside their usual Cold War-inspired setting, showcasing their individual skills and the challenges they face as a family.

Despite not being considered canon to the main series, CODE White exemplifies the enduring appeal of Spy X Family’s premise. The film’s light-hearted yet adventurous tone makes it enjoyable to watch as the family navigates through various predicaments using their unique abilities.