Gigantic Tier List for Heroes

Gigantic Matchmaking: Choosing the Perfect Hero for You

Gigantic: Rampage Edition has made a grand comeback after five years, promising a definitive and premium gaming experience. With a diverse roster of 23 heroes offering different offensive and defensive capabilities, players are in for an exciting 5v5 battle. Whether you’re new to the game or a veteran player, our hero tier list will help you navigate the current meta.


ImaniRanged DPS
Uncle SvenSupport
T-MatRanged DPS
TrippMelee DPS

Heroes in the S-tier excel in various gameplay styles, making them formidable picks for any situation. These heroes bring unique skills to the battlefield and are reliable choices for all maps and modes.


WuMelee DPS
HK-206Ranged DPS
Lord KnossosFrontline

The A-tier heroes possess well-rounded kits that make them safe choices for most situations. While they may have minor drawbacks, these heroes are effective and versatile options.


MozuRanged DPS
CharnokRanged DPS

Heroes in the B-tier have specific use cases and may struggle in certain situations. While they have their strengths, these heroes require strategic gameplay and team coordination to shine.


Ezren GhalRanged DPS

Heroes in the C-tier may struggle to find their place in the current meta, as their playstyles may not align with the game’s dynamics. While they can still be enjoyable to play, other heroes may offer better utility in most situations.


At the bottom of the list is Zandora, a hero who faces challenges in tanking effectively and lacks practical utility abilities. Compared to other tanks, Zandora falls short in performance and struggles to carve out a niche for herself.