How to complete the Trick Shot bounty in Destiny 2: Into the Light

How to Master the Trick Shot Bounty in Destiny 2

The Trick Shot bounty in Destiny 2 presents a fun challenge for Guardians to showcase their skills. This particular Daily Bounty can be acquired from Lord Shaxx in the Hall of Champions. While most Bounties revolve around the Onslaught mode, the Trick Shot requires you to perform tricks on your Sparrow or Skimmer by emoting while in the air. Sounds simple, right? Well, there are a few nuances that can impact your performance.

Screenshot: YouTube

Before you begin attempting tricks, make your way to the Cosmodrome. This area is a familiar location for many Guardians, especially the New Lights. The varied terrain, hills, and downed airships provide ample opportunities for your Sparrow or Skimmer to soar through the air. The key to success lies in maximizing your airtime, which is essential for executing the tricks correctly.

Destiny 2 Cosmodrome
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you’ve found the perfect spot, all you need to do is leap into the air and perform an emote to execute a mid-air trick. To ensure that the trick counts towards your Bounty progress, you must stick the landing without taking damage or colliding with any obstacles. A distinct sound will play upon successful execution, confirming the validity of your trick.

Destiny 2 Trick
Screenshot: PC Invasion

While you can explore other destinations for trick opportunities, such as the Moon with its ramps and elevation changes, the Cosmodrome remains the top choice. Its layout provides an ideal environment for completing the Trick Shot bounty due to its open spaces and abundance of potential trick spots.