The AOKZOE A2 Ultra could be Intel’s chance for a PC gaming handheld redemption

The AOKZOE A2 Ultra: Intel’s Redemption in the Portable Console Market?

The MSI Claw, released in March 2024, has received criticism for its poor optimization at launch. However, a new PC gaming handheld featuring an Intel processor may provide a solution to Intel’s struggles in the portable console arena.

The AOKZOE A2 Ultra is set to come equipped with an Intel Core Ultra 7 155H, as reported by PCGamesN. This processor is the same one found in the top-tier models of the MSI Claw A1M, which faced backlash for its difficulty in handling basic gaming tasks that other competitors managed with ease.

Unlike MSI, the manufacturer behind the AOKZOE A2 Ultra has more experience in producing PC handhelds. While they typically use AMD processors like the Steam Deck and other handhelds on the market, the decision to switch to Intel for this device raises curiosity. There is potential for the AOKZOE A2 Ultra to be the redemption story that Intel is currently seeking.

MSI Claw was disappointing

At present, the reasons behind the MSI Claw’s performance issues remain unclear. Initial impressions of the handheld were positive, highlighting its consistent and impressive performance with the limited games available. However, detailed reviews unveiled shortcomings such as Intel-related updates failing to install properly, erratic performance of the MSI Center, overheating problems, and varying levels of performance inconsistency. Overall, users’ experiences with this system have been marked by frustration and disappointment.

The exact cause of these issues is still uncertain. Is it due to MSI’s manufacturing process or inherent limitations of Intel processors? The launch of the AOKZOE A2 Ultra will likely provide clarity, making this handheld crucial for Intel to demonstrate its competitiveness against AMD in this market.