How to get Gun-Butt kills in Modern Warfare 3

How to Achieve Gun-Butt Kills in Modern Warfare 3

If you’re diving into Week 3 of Modern Warfare 3 Season 3, you’ll encounter brand new challenges, including an amusing one involving Gun-Butt kills. This task may seem primitive, but it’s a fun and effective way to take down enemy Operators. Here’s how you can master the art of Gun-Butt kills in Modern Warfare 3.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you’re aiming to acquire the Week 3 Aftermarket part – the JAK Cutthroat, focusing on Gun-Butt kills is a wise choice. These kills involve defeating enemy Operators using the Gun-Butt of your weapons, essentially turning them into melee kills. Simply equip any recommended weapon and you’re good to go, right? Well, not quite.

If you have the Throwing Knife as your Lethal Equipment, your character will use the knife for melee kills instead. Unfortunately, these kills won’t count towards the challenge. To tackle this, make sure to unequip the Throwing Knife and opt for a different Lethal Equipment in your loadout. It’s a quirky aspect of the game that adds to the fun of mastering Gun-Butt kills!

For an optimized Gun-Butt kill, consider equipping the S-37C DL Breacher Device muzzle. This attachment increases melee damage, allowing you to eliminate enemy operators with a single hit using your Gun-Butt instead of the default two. Experimenting with this muzzle on various weapons can lead to great results, such as with the SVA 545.

Modern Warfare 3 S 37c Dl Breacher
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Since the Gun-Butt kills objective revolves around melee actions, map size plays a crucial role in your success. If you’re aiming to rack up Gun-Butt kills, opting for smaller maps like those in the Small Map Mosh Pit will provide ample opportunities to achieve victory through unconventional means. Just be prepared for the chaos and intense combat scenarios that come with these smaller maps.

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