Rose & Camellia Collection Review (Switch eShop)


Certain issues cannot always be resolved through discussion or compromise. Sometimes, a verbal argument is not sufficient – physical action is required. The Rose & Camellia series is based on the idea that a good old-fashioned slapfight is not only entertaining but also the most dignified way for a lady of high society to settle her disputes.

We are intrigued by the concept of Nigoro’s Rose & Camellia Collection, which has made its way to the Switch in the West thanks to WayForward. Originally a Flash game, it transitioned to mobile before landing on the Switch. The game revolves around Victorian-era women engaging in elegant slapfights to settle matters ranging from family succession to shooing away persistent saleswomen. The Switch version incorporates touchscreen and motion controls, making the slapping experience more immersive.

Gameplay and Controls

WayForward has marketed Rose & Camellia Collection as consisting of five “distinct” games, but in reality, they feel quite similar. The games, referred to as scenarios, involve battling a series of opponents with escalating difficulty levels. The key difference lies in the opponents’ health.

The controls remain constant regardless of the opponent. Players can slap by swiping left or holding ‘A’ while swinging the Joy-Con, and dodge by swiping right or holding ‘R’ during Joy-Con movement. Although the game offers more advanced moves like feinting and countering, they are based on these basic actions. Unfortunately, the controls can be imprecise, with motion controls offering slightly more reliability and enjoyment but still presenting challenges.

Technical Issues and Plot

Players may encounter puzzling technical limitations while playing, particularly with frequent loading screens. The game features numerous cutscenes with minimal animation, yet loading times interrupt the flow. The real charm of Rose & Camellia Collection lies in its absurd plot. Each scenario offers a unique and bizarre narrative, showcasing the characters slapping their way through various challenges.

Content and Gameplay Experience

Each scenario in the game presents new challenges, such as battling sisters-in-law, embarking on slapfighting world tours, and even facing off against ninjas. Despite the repetitive gameplay, the visually distinct characters and outlandish plot twists keep the experience engaging. However, the biggest drawback is the game’s brevity, which, combined with imprecise controls and frequent load times, may deter some players from fully enjoying the game.


Rose & Camellia Collection compensates for its technical flaws with a captivating concept and strong presentation. The music, art style, and characters contribute to an enjoyable experience, although the imprecise controls and frequent loading screens may frustrate some players. While the game has its merits, it may be more appealing when discounted.