The Stranger Review – IGN


Currently available to stream on Hulu, The Stranger is a gripping thriller that captures the horror of a young woman’s nightmarish ordeal in Los Angeles. Written and directed by Veena Sud, this former Quibi series has been reimagined as a compelling 90-minute film that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Plot Summary

The story follows Clare, a midwest transplant in LA, who finds herself stalked by a menacing figure known only as “Carl E.” As the night unfolds, Clare must navigate a series of terrifying obstacles, from gaslighting to overt threats, in a battle for survival.

Pros and Cons

While The Stranger excels in its tense pacing and strong performances, there are moments when the villain’s dialogue feels heavy-handed and detracts from the overall suspense. However, Maika Monroe’s portrayal of Clare as a resilient “final girl” is a standout performance that anchors the film.

Character Analysis

In addition to Monroe’s compelling portrayal, Dane DeHaan shines as the menacing Carl E, embodying the dark side of online anonymity. Avan Jogia also delivers a solid performance as a convenience store clerk who becomes entwined in Clare’s harrowing journey.


The film delves into themes of misogyny, power dynamics, and the impact of online harassment, drawing from real-life experiences to create a chilling narrative. As Clare discovers her inner strength, she confronts the darkness lurking within society.