Under the Bridge Review – IGN

Under The Bridge: A Compelling Crime Series

Streaming on Hulu, the first two episodes of Under the Bridge offer a unique take on crime dramas by delving into the deeper “why” behind the incident rather than just the “who” and “how.” Set in 1997, this eight-part series portrays a real-life attack on an Indo-Canadian girl and her subsequent disappearance, unraveling surprising details with each episode while maintaining a palpable tension that keeps viewers hooked.

Even if viewers are familiar with the real story that inspired the series, Under The Bridge weaves a captivating narrative that focuses on characters and explores a complex web of motives and perspectives. It skillfully avoids being preachy about racist hate crimes and instead presents a deeply human portrayal of not only the victim but also the perpetrators and those involved in uncovering their stories.

Character-Centric Storyline

At the center of the series is Vritika Gupta’s portrayal of Reena Virk, a 14-year-old navigating her way through teenage rebellion in Saanich, British Columbia. The generational tensions between Reena and her family, compounded by her interactions with her troublemaker friends, create a dynamic narrative filled with engaging twists and turns.

Exploring Perspectives

As the police investigate the events surrounding the assault on Reena, the series introduces characters like Cam Bentland and Rebecca Godfrey, who bring their own unique viewpoints to the case. Their personal backgrounds and entangled pasts add layers to the story, offering insights into the complexities of the investigation.

Questioning Perceptions

Under the Bridge draws from real-life accounts and memoirs to challenge perceptions of guilt and innocence, especially when it comes to teenage suspects from marginalized backgrounds. The series delves into the societal factors that contribute to violent crime while highlighting the impact on both the victim and the perpetrators.

Unique Storytelling

Despite some flaws in the form of excessive voiceovers, Under the Bridge remains a compelling watch with its varied narrative focus and intimate character exploration. Each episode offers a fresh perspective, creating a multi-layered tapestry of storytelling that keeps viewers engaged till the very end.