Destiny Netflix animated series reportedly once in development

Destiny Animated TV Series in Talks with Netflix

Destiny developer Bungie was reportedly in discussions with Netflix to create an animated TV series based on its popular sci-fi franchise. According to a recent report by Forbes’ Paul Tassi, the project did not progress beyond the scripting phase.

The discussions for the potential TV series took place before Bungie was acquired by Sony, emphasizing the company’s interest in expanding Destiny into various forms of media. Following Sony’s $3.6 billion acquisition of Bungie in 2022, the company expressed its commitment to nurturing the Destiny intellectual property in multiple dimensions, leveraging its ownership of Sony Pictures.

In a strategic move in 2023, Bungie appointed former Warner Bros. executive Gabriel VanHuss as the Head of Linear Media for the Destiny franchise. This move aimed to extend the series into TV shows, films, books, comics, and audio formats, showcasing Bungie’s ambitions for transmedia storytelling.

Despite the ongoing trend of transforming PlayStation franchises into TV series and movies, there has been no recent update on potential Destiny adaptations. The fate of the Netflix animated series remains uncertain, leaving fans speculating on the possible storylines and characters that could be explored in the Destiny universe.

The vast lore of Destiny provides ample opportunities for storytelling, whether through a prequel focusing on the Golden Age or a sequel continuing the narrative from the Light and Dark Saga. As Destiny’s storyline approaches its conclusion in the upcoming The Final Shape expansion, fans eagerly await updates on any potential adaptations for the franchise.