PS Plus Extra, Premium Games Randomly Locked (April 2024)

PS Plus Extra and Premium games facing technical issues

Recently, the April 2024 lineup for PS Plus Extra and Premium games went live, but not without some technical difficulties. These issues have resulted in games being either locked or inaccessible due to licensing problems. Specifically, the classic game MediEvil and the entire Ubisoft+ catalog are impacted by these issues.

PS Plus Extra and Premium games locked? You’re not the only one

Reports of issues with the Ubisoft+ catalog, which includes popular Assassin’s Creed games, surfaced just before the April 2024 lineup was made available. Many subscribers found themselves locked out of Ubisoft games, leading to numerous discussions on the PlayStation Plus subreddit. While the problem was temporarily fixed, it has since resurfaced.

Players have attempted various workarounds, such as restoring licenses, to no avail. Unfortunately, Sony’s customer support has not been very helpful in addressing these technical issues, as the company does not typically comment on such matters, leaving players with no other option but to wait for a solution.

Additionally, Sony’s licensing problems have caused more headaches for players. Those who previously owned MediEvil on the PS3 should be able to claim the PS Plus Premium classic version for free. However, due to detection of the game in their PS3 library, they are currently unable to do so. Even if players are willing to repurchase the game, Sony’s system recognizes it in their library and prevents them from buying it again.

Unfortunately, there is no immediate resolution in sight for the MediEvil issue. While a fix is expected in the future, the waiting period can understandably be frustrating for affected players.