X-Men ’97: Season 1, Episode 6 – “Lifedeath – Part 2” Review

Plot Recap:

X-Men ’97’s fifth episode left fans reeling with the deaths of several major characters in Genosha. However, Episode 6 takes a step back from the intense action to focus on Storm and Forge as they navigate a tumultuous time in their relationship.

Transition Episode:

Directed by Emi Yonemura, “Lifedeath – Part 2” serves as a mid-season finale, allowing the audience to process the losses from the previous episode. This installment explores themes of love and resilience amidst challenging times for our mutant heroes.

Structural Changes:

Unlike the first half of the Lifedeath storyline, this episode integrates the Xavier/Lilandra subplot more seamlessly. While the rushed pacing of Storm and Forge’s romance may feel unearned, the overall episode still manages to deliver a compelling narrative.

Character Development:

Storm’s arc in this episode showcases her strength and vulnerability as she confronts her fears to save Forge. Actress Alison Sealy-Smith shines in her portrayal of Storm, capturing the character’s emotional journey with grace.

Xavier’s Storyline:

The subplot involving Xavier and Lilandra offers a welcome diversion into the wider Marvel Universe, hinting at potential crossovers with non-X-Men characters. The dynamic between Xavier and Lilandra reveals both moments of happiness and heartbreak.

Mister Sinister’s Role:

The final scene hints at Mister Sinister’s involvement in Genosha’s destruction, setting the stage for future plot developments. While the absence of Cassandra Nova may disappoint some fans, the focus on Sinister promises intriguing storylines ahead.