Wuthering Waves Tier List (April 2024)

All Wuthering Waves Characters Tier List

While anticipation builds for the official release of Wuthering Waves, we had the opportunity to experience the Closed Beta Test. To make the most of the full release, we have put together a comprehensive Wuthering Waves tier list. Prepare to choose the best characters and immerse yourself in the game!

Main Carry

RankingCharacter Name
SCalcharo, Jiyan, Danjin
AEncore, Chixia, Lingyang
BRover (M), Rover (F), Yinlin

For now, we recommend focusing on Jiyan and Calcharo as your main characters. In future releases, Encore has the potential to rise in ranks to S tier due to her solid overall performance. Danjin is also a balanced choice and may climb in ranks in the future. Characters in the B rank can currently be overlooked.

Image Source: Kuro Games

Secondary Characters

RankingCharacter Name
SYinlin, Sanhua
AMortefi, Chixia, Rover (M), Rover (F)
BYuanwu, Yangyang, Aalto

For secondary characters, prioritize those who can quickly deal damage and utilize buffs efficiently. Yinlin and Sanhua stand out as the top choices for secondary characters.

Characters in the A tier are viable options, with Mortefi and Rover being exceptions due to their significant damage output. Secondary characters in the B tier are currently not recommended.

Support Characters

RankingCharacter Name
SVerina, Baizhi
ATaoqi, Jianxin
BRover (M), Rover (F)

Opting for characters in the S rank will guarantee satisfaction. Baizhi and Verina excel in buff stacking and make ideal support characters. Consider experimenting with Jianxin for unique damage-dealing abilities. While the Rovers provide healing capabilities, they may not be the most worthwhile choices in the end.

Before delving into Wuthering Waves, familiarize yourself with this tier list. Keep in mind that as the game launches on April 22nd, rankings may shift. Stay tuned for updates following our exploration of the full game. For more content similar to Wuthering Waves, check out our Solo Leveling Arise codes and characters tier list.