How to find more plague ichor for the Watcher in No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked: How to acquire more plague ichor for The Watcher

The key to obtaining plague ichor in No Rest for the Wicked is by taking down the game’s main bosses and mini-bosses. Main bosses are typically located at the conclusion of a primary quest, whereas mini-bosses can be encountered during weekly bounties and at various points throughout your adventure. Mini-bosses are easily identifiable due to their size.

The initial weekly bounty, which involves vanquishing an adversary in the War Room, provided me with a plague ichor. While not guaranteed, it’s likely that future weekly bounties will also involve bosses that yield plague ichor as a reward. Therefore, it’s essential to consistently complete these weekly bounties.

What is the purpose of plague ichor in No Rest for the Wicked?

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Plague ichor holds significant importance in No Rest for the Wicked as it enables players to expand their inventory capacity. There are eight different inventories that can be expanded, each requiring one plague ichor. These include:

  • Gear inventory slots
  • Item inventory slots
  • Resource inventory slots
  • Misc inventory slots
  • Mainhand inventory slots
  • Offhand inventory slots
  • Ring slots
  • Tool slots

Upon submitting a plague ichor to the Watcher, the inventory size will increase by 5 slots.

Which inventory should be expanded first?

I suggest prioritizing the expansion of resource inventory slots and ring slots. Increasing resource inventory slots allows for the retention of more cooking ingredients and building materials, facilitating upgrades. Moreover, additional ring slots can significantly enhance a character’s capabilities by boosting defense, offense, stamina regeneration, and more.

Conversely, expanding gear inventory slots may not offer substantial benefits since lower armor-rated gear is typically sold or stored, and it’s unlikely that these slots will be filled.

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