Infection Free Zone early access impressions: Cool maps, rough gameplay

Infection-Free Zone: A Realistic Zombie Survival Game

Infection Free Zone, now available on Steam Early Access, presents a unique premise: humanity has sought refuge in underground bunkers as zombies dominate the surface world. As the plague subsides, a message is broadcast urging survivors to emerge and establish a new society.

This game offers a fresh take on the familiar post-apocalyptic genre by utilizing real-world map data to recreate cities and towns. This means players can scavenge for resources and build their base in locations based on actual geographical data.

Realistic Gameplay Experience

An Infection Free Zone playthrough begins with selecting a starting location, often based on the player’s real-world environment. Buildings are accurately categorized based on their real-world function, influencing their utility in the game. This attention to detail adds a new layer of strategy to survival.

Image: Jutsu Games/Games Operators

Challenges and Survival

Players must navigate the challenges of resource management and base building to survive in the game. Real-world building features impact gameplay, requiring strategic decisions to ensure the survival of the settlement.

Surviving in Infection Free Zone comes with its own set of challenges, from a shortage of firearms to resource management issues. The game’s early access status is evident through gameplay quirks and unexplained mechanics.

A squad of survivors in Infection Free Zone fending off zombies.
Image: Jutsu Games/Games Operators

Room for Improvement

The game’s early access release showcases its potential, despite existing challenges. With updates and enhancements, Infection Free Zone could evolve into a more engaging and refined zombie survival experience.

Despite its current shortcomings, the concept of rebuilding society in familiar surroundings or iconic landmarks is an intriguing aspect of the game. The developers have the opportunity to address UI issues and gameplay mechanics to enhance the overall experience.