How to get more storage in No Rest for the Wicked

Increasing Storage Space in No Rest for the Wicked

One of the key aspects of the game No Rest for the Wicked revolves around gathering materials, resources, and gear to enhance your character. As you progress through the game, you’ll find yourself accumulating so much loot that your inventory space will quickly become limited.

Luckily, there are ways to expand your storage capacity to accommodate all the loot you gather but don’t immediately need. Continue reading to discover how you can increase your storage space in No Rest for the Wicked.

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There are two main methods to acquire additional storage space in No Rest for the Wicked. The first way is by reaching the city of Sacrament after defeating the main boss, which grants you access to a location known as Rookery Lodgings. In the basement of The Rookery, you will find a large community chest where you can store up to 40 items. This area is part of the main questline named “Sacrament,” so you’ll come across it as you progress through the story.

The second method involves buying storage chests from Whittacker in the marketplace area of Sacrament. When interacting with Whittacker, you will initially find two storage items available for purchase: a Small Cupboard and a Small Chest.

How to get more storage in No Rest for the Wicked
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Small Cupboard allows you to store up to 10 consumables, while the Small Chest enables you to store up to 10 items. As you upgrade Whittacker’s Crafting Shack, you will unlock additional furniture pieces that provide even more storage capacity.

Once you purchase a storage item, you may notice that you cannot immediately place it down. To do so, you will first need to unlock a house where you can arrange your furniture.

Acquiring a House in No Rest for the Wicked

To obtain a house in No Rest for the Wicked, you must defeat Falstead Darak in the Black Trench. This boss battle is a part of the “Of Rats and Raiders” main questline and is a significant milestone in the game.

After emerging victorious against Darak and returning to Sacrament, you will have the chance to purchase your first home. The available housing options include:

  • The Manor (30 Silver)
  • The Homestead (25 Silver)
  • The Roost (20 Silver)

These houses can be easily located by checking your Sacrament map for the house symbol. Once you have acquired a house, you can start placing your storage items inside to manage your excess loot. If you need assistance in earning silver coins efficiently, refer to our guide on fast silver coin acquisition.

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