Review – Harold Halibut (PlayStation 5)

Life Away from Earth: A Review of Harold Halibut

Looking for a unique adventure set in an aquarium far away from Earth? Look no further than Harold Halibut. Developed by Slow Bros, this game has finally made its way to consoles after a long period of development. With a playtime of a little over 10 hours, Harold Halibut offers an immersive experience, but it may feel like a bit of a slog to get through. While the game has some interesting aspects, it falls short of being a weekend recommendation.

In Harold Halibut, players assume the role of lab assistant Harold, who finds his own life mundane. The game kicks off with Harold in the office dealing with a blocked travel card, resulting in a fine. While the overall story does improve from this point onwards, it doesn’t deviate too much from its initial dullness. Despite hoping for some excitement or character development, the game mostly falls flat. One highlight is befriending an Alien in the boat’s filtration system. The game aims to explore relationships between characters, but the execution feels lackluster, leaving much to be desired for a second playthrough.

Harold Halibut is more of a narrative adventure with limited gameplay variety. The game doesn’t offer many diverse locations, mainly focusing on Harold’s daily life tasks.

One standout feature of Harold Halibut is its graphics. The animated characters and aquatic life are visually appealing, fitting the game’s aesthetic perfectly. However, the voice acting falls short, lacking believability and immersion.

In conclusion, while Harold Halibut offers a unique experience as a walking simulator, there are many better options available in the genre. Unfortunately, the game falls short of delivering a truly engaging and memorable adventure.

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