All 13 Fallout 76 Teddy Bear Locations

What Can Players Do with Fallout 76 Teddy Bears?

In Fallout 76, players can come across various collectibles, with Teddy Bears being one of the most sought-after items. While many players may choose to scrap them for resources like cloth and leather, these Stuffed Toys can also be displayed as trophies in your base. They are highly popular decorative items, so it is recommended to keep them for showcasing rather than scrapping.

Where to Locate Teddy Bears in Fallout 76

While some Teddy Bears can be found in multiple locations, others may require a bit more effort to track down. Below is a guide detailing the most efficient areas to discover these collectibles within the game:

Regular Teddy Bear and Stuffed Grizzly

In The Burrows North within the Harper’s Ferry area, players can locate these Teddy Bears in the first room on the left after entering the manhole in the northern part of The Burrows. Look for a table with dumbbells on top, where you will find three Teddy Bears, with two being of the same type.

Dirty Old Teddy Bear

For the Dirty Old Teddy Bear, head to The Burrows and proceed to the Throne Room area with a pool table. Look for a table under small wooden stairs, where you will find the Dirty Old Teddy Bear next to a Paint Bucket and screwdriver.

Comrade Chubs, Quantum Bear, and Lil’Ginger Snuggles

These Teddy Bears can be found in Camden Park, specifically near the Rollercoaster area. Look out for these collectibles near the Ring Toss booth within the central region of the Park.

Bubblegum Bear, Bumble Bear, and Radbear

Head to Knife’s Edge to find these Teddy Bears in an unmarked dilapidated shack behind the area. Look for the stuffed toys on a shelf inside the shack, including a Bubblegum Bear, a Bumble Bear, a Radbear, a Quantum Bear, Comrade Chubs, and a Stuffed Grizzly.

Imported Chinese Panda and Stuffed Polar Bear

Another set of bears can be located in the Palace of the Winding Path near Knife’s Edge. Head towards the towers built on top of the water to find three Teddy Bears stacked on each other.

Pristine Teddy Bear

In Charleston Station, players can find the Pristine Teddy Bear on one of the benches inside the main door of the location.

Teddy Fear

To discover Teddy Fear, head to Bolton Greens and use your lockpicking skills to enter. Proceed to the third floor and locate the Teddy Fear on a nearby table inside a bathtub in one of the bathrooms.