Rare’s new eco-friendly studio building saves enough electricity to potentially power more than 438,000 Xbox Series X consoles

Xbox’s Rare Studio Constructs New Eco-Friendly Studio

Xbox recently announced that Rare, the UK-based developer behind Sea of Thieves, has built a new sustainability-focused studio named ‘Barn X’. This mass timber building is designed with multiple eco-friendly features that reduce energy consumption by 63%. Operating solely on electricity, the building incorporates innovative solutions such as condensated water usage and 750 square meters of solar panels, potentially offsetting 138,000kWh of electricity annually – enough to power over 438,000 Series X consoles.

Rare’s Studio Head, Craig Duncan, expressed, “Our new barn is a demonstration of leading-edge sustainability and environmental design, creating a model green workplace. The opportunity to expand our campus by building a state-of-the-art environment for our teams while supporting Microsoft to achieve its sustainability goals has been genuinely rewarding. The new space design promotes collaboration, creativity, and wellbeing, which are essential ingredients for a team to create fun experiences for players everywhere.”

Barn X has achieved LEED GOLD certification for its environmental efforts, reflecting Microsoft’s commitment to becoming “carbon negative by 2030.” This initiative aligns with Microsoft and Xbox’s goal of inspiring game developers to craft unique and memorable gaming experiences while emphasizing sustainability in their work environment.

By integrating sustainability into the design of their studios, game developers aim to enhance the quality of the games they create. It’s a positive step in the direction of promoting eco-friendly practices within the gaming industry and making tangible contributions to environmental conservation.