How to start the Enclave questline

Joining the Enclave in Fallout 76

The Enclave faction in Fallout 76 offers exclusive rewards such as mutation serums, X-01 power armor plans, and access to nuclear missile silos. However, starting the Enclave questline and progressing through the ranks can be challenging. In this guide, we will outline the steps to joining the Enclave and completing it quickly to reap the benefits of the faction.

Starting the Questline

To kick off the Enclave questline, head to the Abandoned Waste Dump in the easternmost part of The Mire. Inside, you’ll find a corpse of an agent with the quest “Bunker Buster.” Look for the Bypass Holotape in the Deathclaw nests to activate the elevator into the Enclave bunker.

Once inside the bunker, complete tasks like activating the circuit breaker and finding the correct keypad code to gain access to the main Enclave location.

Whitesprings Bunker

The Whitesprings Bunker serves as the Enclave faction’s headquarters. After completing the initial quest, you’ll encounter MODUS, the AI managing the Enclave in Appalachia. MODUS will assign you the task of infiltrating a naval base at Sugar Grove in the Savage Divide region.

Follow MODUS’s instructions to uplink the satellite dish at the National Radio Astronomy Research Center and return to Whitesprings Bunker to officially join the Enclave. However, you’ll need to complete additional quests to unlock the military wing and obtain the X-01 power armor schematics.

Back to Basics and Officer on Deck

To access the military wing, head to Camp McClintock and complete the enlistment process. Afterward, gather promotion commendations by defeating Legendary enemies, Scorchbeasts, or participating in Enclave activities.

Once you have 10 commendations, speak to MODUS at Whitesprings Bunker to start the Officer on Deck quest line. Obtain the X-01 power armor plans from the armory section of the bunker to gear up with powerful armor.

Best Enclave Vendor Items

Visit the Whitesprings Bunker to purchase mutation serums, X-01 power armor mods, Covert Scout armor plans, energy weapons, and rare chems from various wings of the bunker. The mutation serums provide beneficial effects without any drawbacks, making them a valuable investment.

If you’re looking to launch a nuke, obtain a nuclear keycard from the surveillance system terminal and follow the quest to locate a cargobot. Community-run websites can help you with weekly refreshed nuclear codes for launching nukes.