Review – TMNT Wrath Of The Mutants (PlayStation 5)

More like Icarumba than Cowabunga…

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The legendary Turtle quartet makes a return for another round of side-scrolling action, focusing on the cast from 2012-2017 in this latest re-release.

With a price tag of £24.99 and a completion time of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, the question arises – is Wrath Of The Mutants, brought to you by Raw Thrills and GameMill Entertainment, worth the investment?

Coming off the success of recent titles like Shredders Revenge and the Cowabunga Collection, my expectations were sky-high. However, I found it challenging to fully enjoy this release as I constantly compared it to its well-received predecessors. At its current price, it’s hard to justify spending that amount on a game like Wrath Of The Mutants, which lacks replay value and substantial content.

Gameplay and Features

  • The game features six stages where players guide the Turtles through iconic locations such as New York City, the sewers, an amusement park, and the colorful dimension X.
  • No online play is available, and the soundtrack is notably quiet, almost muted.
  • Wrath Of The Mutants offers repetitive voiceovers, lackluster boss fights, and simplistic AI behavior for enemies.

There is no elaborate backstory in the game, with players diving straight into the action after selecting their preferred Turtle character. The ultimate goal is to rescue April from the clutches of Shredder by battling through waves of enemies across the six stages. However, the lack of diversity in enemy behavior and uninspiring boss battles make for a less engaging gameplay experience.

Critique and Conclusion

Wrath Of The Mutants falls short in comparison to other side-scrolling classics like Streets of Rage. The dated graphics and lack of depth in gameplay make it difficult to recommend this title, especially considering the wealth of better options available in the market.

While the game offers some fun elements like four-player co-op and interactive environmental features, it ultimately lacks the polish and excitement found in more acclaimed TMNT releases. For gamers seeking a fulfilling arcade experience, there are better alternatives out there.

Visuals and Performance

The visual presentation of Wrath Of The Mutants leaves much to be desired, with low-resolution textures and character models that give off a subpar feel. Despite a smooth 60 FPS performance, the overall aesthetic fails to impress.

Final Verdict

For hardcore TMNT fans and completionists, Wrath Of The Mutants may offer some enjoyment. However, for most gamers looking for a rewarding and engaging experience, this title may fall short of expectations. With limited content and gameplay lasting just over an hour, it’s clear that this release may not be worth the investment for many.

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