All Vortex Virus Mainframe event challenges and rewards in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone

All Vortex Virus Mainframe Event Challenges and Rewards in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone

After the conclusion of the Blaze Up event, players can now participate in the two-week Vortex Virus Mainframe event in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. This event brings more rewards and a higher XP requirement to unlock all 13 different rewards. The key to earning these rewards is to consistently play the game and accumulate experience points to reach specific milestones.

ItemTypeXP Requirement
LoadoutWeapon Sticker9,500
Double Weapon XP TokenConsumable21,500
Point and ClickLarge Decal36,550
Double Battle Pass XP TokenConsumable55,600
Pop-Up, Pop-OffEmblem79,500
Going ViralLarge Decal109,700
Got HackedCalling Card147,700
Tier SkipBattle Pass195,600
Block FlyCharm255,950
Sneakin’ InWeapon Sticker332,000
Error CodeCalling Card427,800
Binary MoralityCamo548,500
Screenshot: PC Invasion

To unlock all the rewards, players must meet significant XP requirements, with the Binary Morality camo being a standout reward. To boost your experience points during the event, consider equipping the Bacillus skin from the Tracer Pack: Horsemen; Vi.Rus Ultra Skin bundle.

Mw3 Vortex Virus Binary Morality
Screenshot: PC Invasion

For players looking to maximize XP gain without additional expenses, participating in objective-based multiplayer modes like Domination, Hardpoint, or Kill Confirmed is recommended. Additionally, playing Warzone and focusing on survival can help accumulate XP, with Rebirth Island Resurgence offering multiple respawn opportunities as long as your party remains alive.

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