No Rest for the Wicked How to Repair Durability

No Rest for the Wicked introduces players to a world filled with powerful enemies and challenging foes that lurk in every corner. With constant battles wearing down equipment, players must learn how to repair their items to prevent them from becoming unusable.

Durability System Explained

Unlike many games where item durability decreases with each use, No Rest for the Wicked takes a different approach. In this game, item durability only decreases when you take damage. By emphasizing dodging and shield usage, players can avoid the need for constant repairs to their weapons and armor.

However, if an item’s durability reaches zero, it becomes unusable until repaired. The good news is that items do not get destroyed when this happens, allowing players to reuse them once they are fixed.

To repair items permanently, players can visit the Blacksmith and use different methods to recover durability without spending money. Here are the ways players can repair their items:

Town Blacksmith Fillmore w/ Fee and Tutorial Method

One of the most straightforward ways to repair items is by visiting Fillmore, the Blacksmith in Town. Here, players can pay a fee to have their weapons and armor fixed based on the amount of durability that needs repair. Players can also sell surplus items for gold to fund these repairs, although they may miss out on extracting valuable runes.

During the tutorial stage, Fillmore offers free repairs until players defeat the boss Warrick. After this, the Blacksmith moves into town and continues to offer free repairs. By strategically utilizing this free service, players can repair their items without any cost implications.

Repair Powders

Players can occasionally acquire Repair Powder from monsters they defeat. These consumables can repair items but are unreliable due to the random nature of obtaining them. While useful when far from town, players may not be able to rely on Repair Powders to maintain their gear consistently.

Repair Rune from Eleanor

Once players have access to Sacrament, they can purchase a Repair Rune from Eleanor. While some players may prefer combat runes, the Repair Rune is essential for those struggling with durability issues.

The Repair Rune allows players to fix any equipment using Focus, providing a convenient way to repair items on the go. Additionally, players can repair tools like axes, pickaxes, and shovels, enabling them to continue resource gathering without interruptions.

Durability Won’t Be a Problem Later On

As players progress in the game, they will become more proficient with the combat system, reducing the need for constant durability repairs. By mastering dodging and avoiding hits, players can prevent excessive wear on their gear, making repairs less frequent.

With access to more resources and gold as they advance, players can easily afford repairs at the Blacksmith. However, it’s crucial to focus on improving combat skills to minimize the need for durability repairs altogether.