Daisy Duck and Oswald the Rabbit joining Disney Dreamlight Valley soon

Disney Dreamlight Valley Welcomes Daisy Duck and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Disney Dreamlight Valley is gearing up to introduce two new characters to its vibrant village life simulation game. Daisy Duck and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit are set to join the fun on May 1st, adding new adventures and experiences for players to enjoy.

Daisy Duck Arrives in Thrills and Frills Update

Daisy Duck will be a part of the free Thrills and Frills update, available to all base game owners. She will take on the role of managing the valley’s new boutique store, where players can display custom-designed Touch of Magic items. Visitors can acquire these designs, and Daisy will provide weekly design challenges that unlock boutique awards, including new Touch of Magic items.

Quality of Life Updates and New Content

Thrills and Frills update not only brings Daisy Duck but also includes enhancements to the camera tool. Players can now take photos while on Disney rides placed around their village. The update will also introduce a new battle-pass-style Star Path, offering more Disney park content, such as an Aladdin-themed flying carpet ride.

Disney Dreamlight Valley developer update. Watch on YouTube

A Rift in Time Expansion Continues with Act 2

In addition to the base game update, Gameloft Montreal will release the second act of the paid expansion, A Rift in Time, called The Spark of Imagination. This act will bring new adventures and puzzles to Eternity Isle, including challenges in ancient ruins and rewards for leveling up the Royal Hourglass. Players can also look forward to a Ratatouille-themed French metro entrance and the arrival of Oswald the Rabbit as a new resident, adding a touch of old Hollywood charm to the game.

Future Updates and Developments

The Spark of Imagination update will launch alongside the Thrills and Frills update on May 1st, with more updates planned for the future. A Milan-inspired Realm is expected to arrive in late spring, followed by the addition of Tiana from The Princess and the Frog in the summer. The Disney Dreamlight Valley team is also working on a Dungeons & Dragons game with co-op adventures and a challenging campaign.