Where to find Lesser Devils in Fallout 76

Fallout 76: Discovering the Elusive Lesser Devils

Fallout 76 continues to offer a plethora of activities and challenges for players to engage with, even years after its release. Among these challenges are the Lesser Devils, unique creatures that provide a formidable test for seasoned adventurers. However, locating these creatures can prove to be a challenge in itself. Here’s a guide to help you find the elusive Lesser Devils in Fallout 76.

Locating the Lesser Devils in Fallout 76

The Lesser Devils do not appear randomly in the game world; instead, they are tied to the Tax Invasion expedition. To begin your search, open up your map and look for the Tax Invasion expedition marker. Before heading out, it’s advisable to ensure your gear is up to par for the encounter. These creatures can pose a significant threat if you are underprepared. Consider acquiring the Vault 33 backpack for additional gear to upgrade your equipment.

Once the Tax Invasion expedition is initiated, it will lead you to Atlantic City. Navigate your way to the overpass and head left towards another entrance. Continue descending until you reach the casino roof. While the Lesser Devils may not appear immediately, be thorough in your search. Focus your attention on the right side of the roof, where you should eventually encounter two Lesser Devils.

Image: Bethesda

It’s worth noting that certain achievements and daily challenges may require you to eliminate more than two Lesser Devils. Should that be the case, you can always repeat the Tax Invasion expedition to encounter additional Lesser Devils.

Tips for Overcoming the Lesser Devils

The Lesser Devils present a unique challenge due to their unconventional behavior. Understanding their attack patterns and weaknesses is key to emerging victorious in battle.

One notable aspect of the Lesser Devils is their ability to bypass your armor, resulting in significant health depletion even when fully armored. To mitigate this risk, maintain a safe distance from the creatures and ensure you have an ample supply of Stimpacks to heal yourself promptly.

Furthermore, the Lesser Devils are immune to radiation and crippling attacks, making conventional weapons your best option against them. Be prepared to use standard weaponry to effectively combat these creatures.

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Image: Bethesda

In addition to their close-quarter attacks, the Lesser Devils also possess a formidable projectile attack. These ranged assaults can deal significant damage, so avoiding them is crucial. Ensure you have an adequate supply of Stimpacks to weather these intense assaults.

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