How to Get Quartz in Sand Land

How to Acquire Quartz in Sand Land

If you’re aiming to enhance your vehicle’s performance in Sand Land by upgrading your EX Chip Slots or fine-tuning your parts, you’ll need a rare component called Quartz. However, Quartz can be quite challenging to come by, especially in the early stages of the game. Let’s delve into effective methods to promptly acquire Quartz in Sand Land and the most efficient approach to obtaining it.

Mining Ore for Quartz

One way to obtain Quartz in Sand Land is by mining ore or through exchanges at the Trading Post. Let’s first discuss the mining method:

By mining ore, particularly silver ore, you stand a chance of acquiring Quartz pieces sporadically. For Quartz to drop, the area you’re in should be above level 10. Identifying Quartz is easy as the crystal will appear purple upon dropping. Quartz Ore is commonly found on the north-west and south-west sides of the map. An early location to find Quartz is inside the Grotto depicted on the map above, where breaking silver ore will yield Quartz drops.

sand land silver ore drops quartz

Utilizing the Trading Post

The Trading Post serves as an efficient means of acquiring Quartz in Sand Land. However, there’s a limitation to this method.

sand land quartz from trading post

Through the Trading Post, you can trade an Ancient Copper Coin for four Quartz pieces. While this is a favorable deal, remember that Ancient Copper Coins are limited and scattered across all the Ruins in the game. The abundance of Ruins provides ample opportunities to scavenge for Ancient Copper Coins whenever you require additional Quartz.

To unlock the Trading Post in Spino, complete the side quest Treasure Trek near the Aro Village Ruins subsequent to finishing adequate side quests in Spino and progressing through the story. Once unlocked, visit the Trading Post in Spino, hand an Ancient Copper Coin to Halvar, and he will establish a Trading Post for your convenient access whenever in need of Quartz.

With these methods, you now have the knowledge to swiftly obtain Quartz in Sand Land. For more gaming guides, discover how to unlock the EX Chip Store and locate the BBQ Scorpion.