Stellar Blade Director Talks Story Inspiration, Costume Design, Bayonetta Comparisons, and More

Stellar Blade Director Dishes on Costume Design

Hyung-Tae Kim, the director and CEO of Shift Up, recently sat down for an interview with Game Informer to discuss the intricate costumes featured in Stellar Blade. Kim emphasized that character design is a key strength of his, and the costumes in the game serve as a visual representation of his creative vision.

According to Kim, Eve’s costumes were carefully crafted to allow players to tailor their gaming experience to their own preferred style. He highlighted the amount of effort that went into designing Eve’s outfits, showcasing the dedication of the developers to create a visually stunning world.

One interesting tidbit revealed by Kim was that Stellar Blade was originally intended to include lore about Eve collecting clothing before her conflict with the Naytibas. Although this aspect was ultimately cut from the final game, Kim still considers it to be part of the character’s backstory.

Stellar Blade’s Protagonist: A Unique Perspective

When discussing the protagonist of Stellar Blade, Eve, Kim drew comparisons between her and popular character Bayonetta. Unlike Bayonetta, who embraces her attractiveness as a weapon in combat, Eve is portrayed as being less conscious of her charms. Kim hinted at the possibility of Eve evolving into a character similar to Bayonetta in future installments, depending on fan feedback.

Kim also touched on the narrative inspiration behind Stellar Blade, noting that while some have drawn parallels to The Matrix, the main influence actually stems from Christian themes. He clarified that while the game draws inspiration from certain philosophical concepts, the primary focus remains on gameplay rather than heavy theological themes.