Project Baki 3 Trello Link And Discord Server (2024)

The Trello link and Discord Server for Project Baki 3 are essential resources for players looking to enhance their gameplay in the Roblox game. Drawing inspiration from the popular anime series Baki, Project Baki 3 offers intricate details that may be challenging to grasp without prior knowledge. If you’re struggling to progress in the game, these tools can provide valuable insights to help you navigate through the challenges.

While the Trello link won’t reveal all the secrets to becoming the best player, it can certainly elevate your understanding of the game to a certain level. Additionally, the Discord community serves as a supportive platform where players can engage with others who have firsthand experience with the game. With access to both the Trello link and Discord Server, players can significantly enrich their gaming experience.

Project Baki 3 Trello Link

Image via Project Baki 3 Trello

Find the official Project Baki 3 Trello Link here.

Project Baki 3 Discord Server

The Discord Server features various channels for news updates, game enhancements, and exclusive codes. Interacting with the community can provide valuable tips and strategies to improve your gameplay. The massive and supportive Discord community offers a platform for players to connect and assist each other. Join the official Roblox game Discord Server through the link provided below.

Project Baki 3 Controls

Check out some of the controls in Project Baki 3 that can enhance your gameplay:

  • Q – Dash
  • G – Rage (LOW HP)
  • F – Block
  • W+W / Left Control – Run
  • Z / X / C / V / B – Abilities

Don’t miss out on the valuable information available through the Project Baki 3 Trello and Discord Server links. For additional rewards and benefits in the Roblox game, explore our guide on Project Baki 3 codes in the dedicated section on Gamer Tweak.