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The Veil Premieres on Hulu

The Veil debuts with two episodes on Hulu on Tuesday, April 30. Additional episodes will be released every Tuesday through May 28.

The Opening Scene

The new limited series, The Veil, introduces us to Imogen Salter (played by Elisabeth Moss) in a gripping airport scene. She meets her target, a mysterious “foreign man,” before revealing her true identity as a spy. As INTERPOL swoops in to apprehend him, he vows revenge against Elisabeth Moss’s character. This intense encounter sets the tone for the rest of the series.

A Familiar Setup

Despite its formulaic premise, The Veil follows MI6 agent Imogen Salter as she races against time to thwart a potential terrorist threat in an American port. Her journey takes her from a refugee camp to European cities as she unravels a complex web of deception and danger.

The Veil Character Gallery