How to get Herbs to treat disease in Manor Lords

Manor Lords: Disease, explained

As you progress through Manor Lords and see houses being built at x16 time, you’ll soon encounter a common issue among your villagers: disease. This status effect can have a significant impact on your town and needs to be addressed promptly.

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One major trigger for disease in your town is a lack of food variety. Maintaining a balanced diet is crucial as it can cripple your townsfolk, temporarily preventing them from performing any tasks. While they will eventually recover on their own, the consequences of having idle villagers can be severe.

Fortunately, there is a solution to cure disease in Manor Lords – Herbs!

Manor Lords: How to get Herbs to treat disease

Manor Lords Herb Garden
Screenshot: PC Invasion

To obtain Herbs, you’ll need to build a Forager’s Hut first, which requires 1 Timber. Once the hut is ready, you’ll also need to add a Herb Garden, which can be a bit challenging due to the required resources:

  • 25x Regional Wealth: Acquired through trading or upgrading Burgagae Plots to level 2.
  • 2x Planks: Process Timber at a Sawmill.

Once you have the Herb Garden in place, you’ll have a good supply of Herbs to treat those affected by disease. It’s advisable to prioritize building the Herb Garden early on to prevent disease from hampering your town’s growth and development.

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