Top Five Beginner Tips and Tricks for Underwater Soulslike, Another Crab’s Treasure


  • Here are five top tips and tricks to assist new players in navigating the soulslike game, Another Crab’s Treasure.
  • Discover a beginner-friendly soulslike experience where you embody a hermit crab.
  • Another Crab’s Treasure is now available for Xbox Series X|S on the Xbox Store and included with Xbox Game Pass.

Another Crab’s Treasure, the innovative soulslike game featuring a trash-clad hermit crab, is now accessible through Xbox Game Pass! Immerse yourself in a captivating journey set in a decaying underwater realm after Kril loses possession of his shell.

If you are new to the soulslike genre, Another Crab’s Treasure provides a welcoming entry point. With customizable assist options, players can tailor the gameplay to suit their style. To assist newcomers, I have compiled a list of five essential tips and tricks to guide you through this unique gaming experience – let’s delve in!

Your Shell is your Best Friend

As a hermit crab, your shell is your primary defense against formidable adversaries on your expedition. A pristine shell indicates fearfulness! Do not hesitate to expose it to damage. In case of breakage, there is an abundance of trash strewn across the ocean for replacements. Being outside your shell exposes you to significant harm, so mastering blocking and parrying is crucial.

Furthermore, wearable trash items come with a Shell Spell, empowered by the ocean’s mystical forces. Utilize a tin can to zap a sardine or employ a party popper to surprise a lobster with confetti!

Don’t be Afraid to Come Back Later When you’re Stronger

Consider revisiting tough boss battles later if you are currently struggling with lack of progress. Leveling up by confronting nearby foes, scavenging for items, and taking time to bolster your abilities can make a significant difference upon your return. Remember, the game’s challenge is intentional – persist through defeats without losing motivation!

You Don’t Need to Fight Every Enemy

Engaging in prolonged battles may not always be advantageous or necessary, as enemies regenerate. Choose your confrontations wisely, as not every foe warrants your attention. However, if you derive pleasure from spearing crabs all day, that’s your call. Similar to traditional soulslike games, strategic maneuvering can help you avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Mix up your Playstyle

Diversify your combat tactics by experimenting with various approaches when facing adversaries. If your current strategy proves ineffective, it may indicate a need to explore different Shell Spells, Adaptations, or Stowaways – creatures that latch onto your shell and influence combat dynamics in diverse ways.

Moreover, you may encounter a Shark Egg during your expedition, allowing you to reconsider your stat or skill choices at the respective shop. If your current combat style isn’t yielding favorable results, consider transitioning to a magic-focused approach!

If you’re Just Not a Glutton for Punishment – Try out our Assist Options

If the sheer difficulty of soulslike games presents a challenge that diminishes your enjoyment, rest assured that assist options are available in Another Crab’s Treasure. Within the settings menu, players can adjust gameplay features such as enhanced shell durability and reduced enemy health. If you still find the game overwhelming, take solace in knowing that Kril can wield a gun – a quirky one-shot kill option to lighten the mood.

Regardless of your decision to utilize assist options, all achievements remain attainable! Embrace the freedom to progress at your preferred pace, unhindered by restrictions. Should the game’s complexity detract from your enjoyment, feel empowered to make use of these features to ease the challenge. Remember, it’s all part of the gaming experience!

Whether you seek a challenge or a more relaxed gaming experience, Another Crab’s Treasure offers a gratifying adventure tailored to suit your preferences. Ready to dive in and explore?