X-Men ’97: Season 1, Episode 7 – “Bright Eyes” Review

Episode 7 Recap: Mourning and Momentum

X-Men ’97 shifts focus in Episode 7, allowing characters to grieve while building up to an epic finale arc. “Bright Eyes” captures the mix of grief and rage after the tragedy on Genosha, with the team mourning fallen comrades and processing their trauma in different ways.

The episode shines a spotlight on Rogue, who channels her grief into a quest for vengeance, delivering a compelling performance by Lenore Zann. Guest appearances by Captain America and General Ross add depth to the story, showcasing a wider Marvel Universe.

Setting the Stage

As the episode progresses, the focus shifts towards setting up the “Tolerance Is Extinction” storyline for the Season 1 finale. Operation: Zero Tolerance is hinted at, introducing the menacing Sentinel Bastion as the ringleader.

Bastion makes a strong impression with his ruthless demeanor, setting the stage for a complex power dynamic with Mister Sinister. The episode’s shift to Madripoor brings a gut-wrenching payoff to Rogue’s arc as she seeks revenge for the victims of Genosha.

Unexpected Twists and Actions

Rogue’s actions lead to a bleak turn for her character, culminating in a surprising twist with the reveal that Magneto is still alive. The X-Men face new challenges as they encounter a new breed of Sentinel and Cable makes a dramatic entrance to save the day.