How to unlock Seal III in Vampire Survivors

Understanding Seal and How to Unlock it in Vampire Survivors

First and foremost, let’s delve into what exactly the Seal stat and PowerUp entail. Seal is a stat that you can acquire at the PowerUp menu, allowing you to Banish any unwanted item before embarking on a stage. By Banishing an item, you effectively remove it from the item pool, enabling you to focus on obtaining the best items for your gameplay and potentially leveling up specific items for unlockables.

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If you are searching for the Seal stat in the PowerUp menu, you will discover that it’s initially unavailable. This stat must be unlocked by Banishing a total of 10 different items within a single run. While the Seal PowerUp grants you the ability to Banish items, the Banish PowerUp itself can perform the same function after you level up during a run.

Unlocking Seal III in Vampire Survivors

The latest addition from the developers is Seal III, which increases the number of Seals you can execute to 60. However, reaching Seal III may prove challenging for newcomers or returning players due to the requirement of Banishing or Sealing a total of 40 unique items. This surpasses the need for Banishing 20 items to attain Seal II in a single run.

Vampire Survivors Seal
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The main obstacle lies in the limited number of initial Banishes available. Initially, you can Banish two items per Banish Rank.

Banish PowerUp Ranks

RankBanishHow to unlock
12 itemsLog 60 entries in the Collection.
24 itemsLog 70 entries in the Collection.
36 itemsLog 80 entries in the Collection.
48 itemsLog 90 entries in the Collection.
510 itemsLog 100 entries in the Collection.

Given the challenge of unlocking 100 entries in your Collection, an alternative approach is to play as Divano. By acquiring the Crimson Shroud and unlocking Divano, you gain an additional six Banishes from the start.

Vampire Survivors Divano
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This initial advantage allows you to Banish 10 items in a single run and progress to unlocking Seal I, which significantly boosts your Banishing capabilities upon ranking up. Ultimately, this leads to Banishing 40 items within a run, with Seal III enhancing your item-banishing prowess by three per rank.

Seal I, Seal II, and Seal III PowerUp Ranks

RankSeal ISeal IISeal III
1+1 Banish+2 Banish+3 Banish
2+2 Banish+4 Banish+6 Banish
3+3 Banish+6 Banish+9 Banish
4+4 Banish+8 Banish+12 Banish
5+5 Banish+10 Banish+15 Banish
6+6 Banish+12 Banish+18 Banish
7+7 Banish+14 Banish+21 Banish
8+8 Banish+16 Banish+24 Banish
9+9 Banish+18 Banish+27 Banish
10+10 Banish+20 Banish+30 Banish

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