Starfield’s Shattered Space expansion out in autumn, “city map stuff” due soon

Upcoming Starfield Expansion and Free Update

It has been a while since Bethesda has provided any significant updates on Starfield, but fans can expect some exciting news soon. The Shattered Space story expansion has been confirmed for an autumn release, along with a new free update.

Shattered Space was first announced in June and was included in special editions of Starfield set to release this year. Todd Howard from Bethesda, in an interview with Kinda Funny Games, revealed that the expansion, which will include new story content, locations, gear, and more, is set to launch in the fall.

In addition to the expansion, Howard also mentioned a new free update that will be announced in the coming days, leading up to the Steam beta. This update is expected to follow the March update by about six weeks, in line with Bethesda’s commitment last year to release new Starfield updates roughly every six weeks.

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Howard also hinted at the upcoming release, mentioning that the team has made improvements to the map feature, particularly in the city map system. This update aims to address the criticism surrounding the current city maps in Starfield, which lack detailed layouts and useful information.

Players can look forward to enhancements in ship building as well, although the specifics are not yet clear. While there was no update on the promised “new ways of traveling,” fans can expect more details to be revealed later this year.